Monday, June 30, 2008

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Strategic Risk Analysis Limited is a boutique economic, industry and property research company. We produce New Zealand’s most insightful reports on the outlooks for the housing market (Housing Prospects), residential building activity (Building Barometer), and interest rates, the NZ dollar, consumer spending, the labour market, inflation and the global economy (Interesting Times). Our assessment of the outlook for New Zealand’s Official Cash Rate is second to none (Monetary Policy Briefing), while our analysis of the prospects for the NZD/USD, NZD/AUD and NZD/JPY, and our NZD/USD hedging advisory service are unparalleled (Currrency Services).
We make use of a unique analytical framework developed over the last 25 years. The framework is based on leading indicator analysis, a hands-on understanding of how industries and markets work, regular visits to the coal-face and sound judgement about human behaviour. It gives us a major advantage in providing clients with invaluable and often unique insights into prospects for house prices, residential building activity, interest rates and the exchange rate. The analysis is presented in plain English and accompanied by a bit of fun along the way, especially if it is at the expense of economists.
Our philosophy is to ensure that price is not an obstacle to you having access to the best analysis and forecasts. We want small, medium and large businesses to have an equal opportunity at making better decisions with the help of our world-beating analysis. To implement this philosophy we have set the annual subscription prices for our reports at affordable levels, including a tiered pricing system for small, medium and large businesses.
Free is as cheap as it gets for quality analysis, and that is what we charge for Rodney’s Ravings, reports on topical economic issues with an educational bent, and for the Property Insights, in-depth research reports on pockets of the property market. To signup to these free reports click here.

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